And Now Sarah Palin Freaks Me Out

Forget my hours-old mumblings about how I like Sarah Palin. It's amazing how much national media attention can dig up and bring to light. You have my sympathy, Sarah- having an unrelenting "liberal" media on your back really must suck- but as far as I'm concerned you can go back to Wasilla and stay there.
For those of you who were of the idea that different religions actually have key differences to them, I think I am led to disagree with you. Different religions have their distinct cultures, traditions, and tendencies, but in the end they are what the believer makes them, as is the scripture that they (presumably) read. I've read the New Testament quite a bit and it seems pretty clear to me that Jesus didn't endorse violence (at all) but it comes as no surprise that others can read the same thing and come up with something totally different, especially when the topic is a part of something as dynamic and important as religion. I think I shall flip through my Bible again soon and collect some good quotes to post. It will be good for us to think about such things to formulate our own life-philosophies, for really that is all we have. It's impossible to follow a certain creed invented thousands of years ago. You can only follow yourself.