And on the Fourth Day...

...I think I will ramble on about myself and then talk about how the Republican platform painfully contradicts itself. And I started yet another article with "and". I have also completed yet another day of school- the fourth. I've continued walking to and from school every day, although that may not last much longer since it's gotten pretty rainy since I came home. Tomorrow will be the first of three straight days of soccer this week, which promises to be somewhat tiring. Perhaps I should also mention that on Labor Day I ate meat for the first time since coming home from Juneau. I didn't just let that slide for nothing, though. I brokered a deal that I'll eat meat now only if my family only eats meat two meals a week. I've sacrificed to make my whole family's diet better. (Thank you, thank you.) At least I can say I survived as a veggie for a while.

Currently I am listening to Rudy Giuliani. He is obviously very misguided, as are the people to whom he is currently speaking. However, I must say Rudy is a pretty good speaker- on par with the best of the Democrats. I am betting I won't hear a better speech at the RNC. Rudy is now saying that "Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy." Good line. I agree. Oh good- now specifics. "He will expand free trade so we can be more competitive." Now Giuliani says Obama will send jobs elsewhere. Right; that makes sense. America is so competitive that tariffs and job protection are just limiting our possibilities. We'll get way more business here if we open everything up and let foreigners make even more of what we're constantly consuming.

Here's one specific irony I've been chewing on when it comes to conservatives. First off, they are always scared. "Security" is always a top priority. That of course is because there are many things out to get us good God-fearing Americans. (Ha- get it?) There are all those murderers on the five-o'clock news, right, and then, most of all, there are the... (shh) terrorists. According to Palin, there are even terrorist states. I'm pretty sure that's what she said, and I think that may have been one of the most disturbing things she had in her speech. Tell me, Sarah- which one are you thinking of? The state guilty of using terrorism with which I'm most familiar is named the United States of America. I mean no offense to my fellow patriots; it is the nature of a state to use such tactics. Terrorism isn't even that horrible a tactic, all things considered. Anyways, this leads me to the next thing conservatives obsess on- the power of government.

Here's the contradiction: for the government to save you from the scary monsters, you've got to give it power. And yet, conservatives are constantly bemoaning government- not powerful government- just government period. Taxes are always bad, right? We can't give those politicians money! They're just theives! Newsflash: taxes pay for the cruise missiles you love. Taxes pay all those soldiers "valiantly serving and sacrificing". Or wait... is there another irony here?

Oh yeah that's right. Conservatives love "fiscal responsibility" too.

It seems that the way the U.S. government and the Republican mindset works now is to simulteaneously feed fears with rhetoric, and allay fears with war; spend money that doesn't exist while refraining from taking money out of corporate pockets; forever proclaim that the U.S. is best, but always fuel the idea that those seeking to improve things with government are going the wrong way.

Wow. I thought that it was liberals who used doublethink.


  1. Oh shhh Peter... There aren't just terrorists, but they're MUSLIM terrorists! Shhh!

    Because we all know that is the only type of terrorist out there. *eye roll*

  2. One good thing about the Sarah Palin VP pick. Tina Fay will have to come back to Saturday Night Live to play her.


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