And This is Why I Can't Join the AIP

I was really looking forward to joining the Alaska Independence Party when I registered to vote. It would be cool and fun and I honestly do think we should rethink Alaska's relationship with the United States. Now though it seems I had better steer clear of that and stick with being independent. Lord knows there must be plenty enough mud to sling at me from all I've written online, but I guess being in a "fringe" (but cool!) party just can't work if I still want to keep all my political options open. And hey, if you think I couldn't make it into national politics, just look at Sarah Palin. We're all entitled to our dreams. Honestly I really don't have anything against Sarah. She just sucks as a vice presidential candidate. I like her as governor. She should stay as governor. All her positions aside, what she's actually done in office has been pretty good. Sure she's not that warm to us in southeast, but there's no way in hell she'd ever be able to move the capital. There'd be a revolution! It's ok Juneau, we support you. Maybe I should found the Southeast Alaska Independence Party and join that instead. Those barbarians up north don't like us anyways. :)