Face the Match-o-Matic! If You Dare...

If you want a mysterious no-names-involved matching with either McCain or Obama based on things they've said about various issues, ABC's Match-o-Matic is for you. On several questions I got the impression that the whole thing was a trap and that quotes were taken from each to make them seem like the other. In many cases the quotes are very similar. That's of course what makes it so fun; you're just going for whichever quote you like better and can't for sure figure out who's who. In the end though my fears came to nothing and I can affirm I am still a solid Obama supporter. Only three of my choices went to McCain - abortion obviously and then also the two on immigration, which was surprising. Anyways, try it out.

As for the rest of this post, I have determined I will do a good-old rundown of my school day, seeing as I haven't done one for quite a while.

I started off the day by being late to school for the first time this year. Technically that may not be true - I came into Calculus a few seconds late once before - but today it was a full ten or fifteen seconds. Even still I wasn't marked tardy so I guess I just can't be any later. I should make an effort to get back into walking as well; the laziness of getting a ride to school has set back in from last year, methinks. Last night though my brother and I were up 'til 2 writing our speeches, though, so we had an excuse for being slow to wake up. I'm sure that won't happen tonight, unless I really get into my new book or something...

Oh, did I forget to mention anything about my actual first period today? That's probably because Calculus doesn't really spark much writing material. It's school work - I can do that - but the class as well as mathematics in general links to little else in the world and doesn't push the brain to think about much other than how to move the numbers when a quiz comes around. Speaking of which, there will be a homework quiz and a regular quiz tomorrow, and the results of the first two quizzes are in: perfect. Much better than I expected. :) You see? That's Calculus.

Surprisingly, government sucked today. Maybe I shouldn't expect so much of it. Of course there was a good reason for it; Mr. P was gone and all we did was bookwork. Before 5 this evening when I came home I saw him outside his house though, so he'd better have a good excuse for being AWL today. If I've been able to pledge to forego personal leave days this year Mr. P certainly can.

Literature too was especially soul-crushing today. We worked on... poetry. Now don't get me wrong. Trashing poetry in general is like trashing plays or even, God forbid, prose. There's nothing wrong with poetry; it's just a medium. The thing is that, in my experience, most people don't know good poetry at all, especially not for an English class. The last of the three poems we analyzed (or rather translated) was particularly crazed. It was a complete piece of crap about how England is great and how when you think of my body lying here in France because of crap WWI, just think about England and its pretty flowers and crap. Disgusting!

Despite Calculus' constant neutality and Gov. and Lit.'s failures today, Debate was an upper. I did my extemp. that I got on Friday about what should be allowed in political advertisements. It wasn't as coherent as I would have hoped, but it's just extemp. and I should cut myself a break. Much more important is my speech, which as I said I finished up very very early this morning. I guess I need to start memorizing the thing.

In French we finished up our work on "Fama va en Californie." Book work is pretty good, I think, although I would prefer better and more challenging books. I think we may watch a movie now or maybe we'll start it next week. Who knows... I may officially be taking the same class I took last year, but it's as different as were French I and French II and there's an entirely different array of people in the class.

That makes me think about how it is having all the other students in the school younger or in the same class as me. Today I talked to quite a few younger classmen, including sophies and even froshies. This ascendance to being the oldest in the school actually feels quite natural and isn't bad at all. Having older friends around out blazing the trail ahead may be good, but being that role model leading the "lower classes" is a great thing too.

After mostly hanging out in the library during 6th I went back upstairs and we had a pretty decent AcDc practice. After that my brother and I crossed paths in our Aunt's room just as he was finishing his name for French I. I plan on bravely lobbying for him, but I don't know what the popular reception for putting his name up will be. Then he went home and I stayed. A while later Mr. G.M. gave me a ride home and even gave me a Berkowitz sign for both mine and my grandparents' yards. Apparently he has a lot and they all need to find good homes.

If you are willing to take in a poor, neglected and deserving "Ethan Berkowitz for Congress" sign and give it a good lawn in which to play and show itself off, please talk to Mr. G.M. Please, adopt a sign today and make the world a better place.

[4/26/12: Names removed as per Publisher policy.]