Foreign Policy Proposal

I have an idea as to how we can protect ourselves from the threats of terrorism. For most people, it comes under the heading "this is what loses you all your credibility." For some, it comes under the heading "it's just so crazy it might work." But for me, it comes under the heading "it's just so right it has to work." Here's the plan, plain and simple, no rhetoric attached (although I can supply plenty of that if you wish): 1. Withdraw U.S. military forces from all foreign countries. 2. Eliminate the Department of Defense, disbanding the U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine Corps. 3. Cut domestic military spending and end monetary support of foreign militaries. 4. Declare the United States a pacifist state unwilling to create or participate in war. 5. Do not allow U.S. policy to be isolationist. The U.S. must continue to lead the world through economic prowess, interaction and aid to other countries, helping to improve lives everywhere around the world without having to destroy any.