The True Value of Freedom

Here in Alaska, we know very well the true value of freedom. This applies to the Second Amendment in particular. Although my family's bagging in recent years surely hasn't been as good as our First Family's, my grandfather, father and both his brothers as well as my brother and myself are all enthusiastic hunters. I don't hesitate to state that my family owns firearms, and any infringement on this basic right is a threat to the foundation upon which this country was built.

My readers may be under the impression that I am a crazy-kool-aid-drinking-pinko-commie, which is not something with which I would have much to argue, but as with other individual issues, gun control is an area in which I sharply disagree with the Democratic Party and with liberals in general. Is it not true these United States gained their independence through the common man's musket? Individual possession of arms is an essential element of individual independence. Gun control clearly leads to more powerful centralized government with far more control over its citizens, and this is entirely unnacceptable.

This is why I unequivocally agree with Sarah Palin that there should never be a ban on semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles, or, for that matter, firearms of any kind. Are we such sheep that we would allow the government to ban these simple possessions? Next it will be our concealed handguns, then the very rifles with which my family harvests venison, I'm sure even paintball would be banned. How can we allow Big Brother to do this to us?

As I said, Americans should fundamentally be allowed to possess any weapons they wish. Semi-automatic weapons, uzis and other such items are useful tools for the responsible citizen. Using automatic weapons could very well lead to an improvement in my deer hunting. It is not such possessions that kill people, but rather law-breaking criminals who would break the law anyways to get the tools they need to carry out their devilry. Such tools are for our defense! Are they not? Automatic rounds, explosive bullets and attached grenade launchers are clearly used for self defense first and foremost. Only the truly evil could possibly use such additions for ill.

Gun control of any kind is oppressive and unacceptable. I want to be incredibly clear about this: I stand firmly in agreement with Sarah Palin that the proliferation of weapons of all calibers would do more to guaruntee security in this country than it would do to take away from it. Government shouldn't take away our guns; it should hand them out to us!

Picture: A true patriot stylishly exercises her God-given rights.

Note: I am being sarcastic. Just so that's clear.


  1. Can I call troll on this one?

  2. It's called poorly done satire.


    This is satire...

  4. Not Stephen Colbert.

  5. You know that's been said to me before...

    And as I said then, I am not trying to be Stephen Colbert. Comedy Central does not have a monopoly on political satire. I admit this one of mine was poorly done, but I doubt that makes a difference.


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