Tuning in to One's Self

Some of my readers may remember that I am a puritan crusader of the worst kind. Now I return to criticize other habits of my peers, again bearing two spiky, numbered points. These two are quite specific compared to the last, which were extremely broad, and they are much less extreme than drugs and self-mutilation, but at the same time much more common and therefore probably almost as major disturbance in my force. Well, perhaps it's not so disturbing for me. But that's because I don't usually do these things!

Now I realize that this particular tirade of mine may stink of hypocrisy, but that's just something that comes naturally and has to be struggled against on a personal level. Please don't judge me for my hypocritical judgments. :)

1. Gum is a distraction without substance.

I have chewed a few sticks in my time, but not for quite some time and never with any regularity. Gum chewing, in my humble opinion, is a pointless waste of money, energy, silence and the serenity others might see on your face were your jaw staying still.

Similarly to alcohol, gum chewing seems to carry with it no rational purpose. All it's aims are either foolish or able to be achieved by other means. Want fresh breath? How about brushing your teeth, or, if needs really must, there's a Tic-Tac for that. Need something to make you feel less hungry? Eat regular meals and suck it up. (Is that even a reason people chew gum? I don't know.) Feel like you need something to chew on? This is where I say- tune in to yourself! Settle down! Think how much more focused you could be if you weren't constantly masticating and making squishy sounds in your mouth. Nobody needs to chew anything to keep themselves occupied.

Spit it out; throw it out; don't buy it to begin with.

2. Music is listened to too often by many people today.

Again there may be some hypocrisy to be found in this, as I do often start up my iTunes as soon as I get on my laptop. When I'm really working and focused, however, I just totally tune out the music, so in the end there doesn't seem to be a point to it. Even more simultaneous distraction and pointlessness can be found in listening to music during important times, such as in school, but then again I'd say the most important moments ruined by today's culture of being plugged in to one's music all the time are those we consider least important.

I can't imagine listening to my iPod while I walk to school. I wouldn't be able to hear myself think! I would be able to tune into the morning and focus on the life around me. Instead my ears would be booked with a sensory overload and my brain wouldn't find all those wonderful things to address in its spare time. I can understand listening to music in many situations, but not most situations- not even close.

In the end, the best thing to listen in to and occupy yourself with is your self, plain and simple.


  1. I agree about the gum, but... why is it wrong to listen to music? D:

  2. I never said that. I am just worried that some people now act as if they need an artificial soundtrack for every moment of their life, which, IMO, is unhealthy.

  3. Gum could be seen in that way I suppose. As for music, though, while I agree that one cannot really think while listening to music at all times...

    Hm. I believe I lost my argument when I began to call my music a drug. It is that. Sometimes it's good. An excess of it, though, not so much.

    - One of those weird people who poke into random blogs when I really ought to be working on the chemistry I do not understand and the articles I do not wish to write.


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