Class of 2009 Election Results

The Ketchikan High School Class of 2009 has voted. 115 ballots were cast this 30th of October, constituting an estimated (by me) 95% of the total class. The ballots were official sample ballots and so covered all the offices that Alaskan voters will decide in 4 days. The results are:

For President:
Barack Obama: 72 votes - 63%
John McCain: 39 votes - 34%
Ralph Nader: 4 votes - 3%

For U.S. Senator:
Mark Begich: 50-some votes
Ted Stevens: 30-some votes
(I don't remember the exact results; the remaining ballots were for the AIP candidate Bob Bird, write in or left unmarked.)

For U.S. Congressman: Again, I don't remember the exact results, (I will update this tomorrow), but Don Young beat Ethan Berkowitz by one single measly vote.

For State Senator and State Congressman: Bert Stedman and Kyle Johansen were easily reelected to their respective positions, seeing as they both ran unopposed. Yes, I guess the political scene here really is just that fail. But anyways I'll get back to y'all with a solid update. I've got these election results covered- I was the first on the scene and first with the results besides official vote counter Mr. Roberts. You my readers are some of the first to know of this important event. Do not worry; I will have all the juicy details tomorrow.

Picture - Obama won in spite (or perhaps because) of complete idiocy on the part of some of my classmates, who revealed in our morning's debussion about the election that they believe him to be a Muslim and in active search for a place as dictator of the United States. Swiftboating didn't work this round, Republicans.