Crunch Time

My week is being consumed. I have little time to waste on either sleep or blog posts. Nevertheless, I will let you know the following:
  • I have an American government project and a lot of calculus that needs to be done by Wednesday.
  • I have a calculus test as well as a government test on Friday.
  • I have to take four separate calculus quizzes throughout this week.
  • I have a scholarship due Friday.
  • I have SAT Subject tests on Saturday.
And who knows what my other three classes might throw at me... I had actually thought about trick-or-treating this year... but to do so might require a sacrifice of time on my part I may be unwilling to make. On the other hand, I may be so destroyed I won't physically be able to go door to door, or it may be completely necessary for me to participate in Halloween to preserve my sanity. Regardless, tonight and tomorrow will be extremely taxing. Thinking about the end of this week is almost a relief- but it is also far too distracting.


  1. Peter W. Stanton15 December, 2009

    Note to self: Don't be a whiner. High school was fun. Once you're done with college you'll look back and see that as having been pretty easy too. Work hard - but feel good about it at the same time.


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