More Time Than Life

There's a humorous cheer-up as far as the presidential election front is concerned, but I have far more important political events to cuss about right now. Particularly, the Senate is shit. Hopefully the more democratic of the houses will stand firm in rejecting this scam being hoisted upon us right now. However, I think that's all I need say for the moment. It's not exactly like we have liberty right now anyways; I shouldn't expect to see a cessation of its degradation any time soon. What I want to focus on right now is a little known "fringe" issue: namely, myself.

The last several days I've been playing the game Travian, which is a pretty fun and unique online game that I've played in the past. The thing is that the game eats your time, eats some more and pretty much ruins any casual more-than-a-half-hour-long laziness you used to indulge in, all for the sake of keeping up with the other people on the game. Bad story short, I'm leaving it be, and I feel a lot freer now and a lot more enthusiastic about taking up all these other things I have to do. In part it's a return to the status quo I had at the beginning of school: I plan on walking to school regularly again, reading often, and taking more time to do things like this. Also though I have big things to do now: SAT is this Saturday, SAT II's are in a month, I plan to have my college applications in by Christmas... It's all very exciting.

Today I was basically sequestered at our annual College Fair all day, helping set up and run the thing as an NHS member. I went to the GWU table and the Peace Corps and that was pretty much it. Still though, events at school both yesterday and today have got me really thinking about college again, which is obviously a very good thing. The only thing I'm scared of is rejection; I'm really excited about the places I'm applying to and the great things I'll be able to do there. Money could be a worry too though. At some places like Yale and Stanford, although it's much less likely I'll get in, if I do get in I'll have few money problems. With smaller liberal arts schools I'm applying to I may be faced with a higher cost. The worst thing will be if I fail to get into any of the uber-selective-but-cheap places and don't get very much aid offered from the others. I don't even want to think about that though.

Around 5:00 I walked over to Houghtaling field to watch my sister's first tournament game and while talking to my dad I remembered a great quote- I think it's a Mexican proverb:

"There's more time than life."

It's too bad I already had to turn in my senior quote, but that was a good one too:

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

The Gandhi quote isn't exactly true in my opinion, but it still has a good message, and it's much clearer and specific than "There's more time than life."

What the Mexican proverb does do is demonstrate to us that it's always worth waiting- for life's sake. It was worth it for the Indian people to wait decades, perhaps centuries, all the way up through WWII so that in the end they could achieve their freedom peacefully. The quote is clearly something with which Gandhi would very much agree. Life is so precious that we cannot let the concept of time get in our way, and this is true both in fighting for justice as well as just in our daily choices.

Here's a personal message to take to heart: if freeing up more of your time or being more "lazy" is going to make your quality of life and those of others better, by all means take things more slowly. This evening at parent-teacher-me and my brother-conferences Mrs. Carpenter suggested that I should've taken Voc. Med. That idea has struck me a few times before, each time for about a nanosecond before I completely discarded it. I adore having only five classes this year, and I think all the extra time that gives me goes a long way towards making my attitude, schoolwork and day-to-day satisfaction better. Even if I took a class with no homework during sixth hour, (let alone Voc. Med.), I think it would seriously affect how much I am enjoying Kayhi this year. Truth be told, none of my classes is particularly amazing, but together, combined with my wonderfully free sixth period when I can loiter about the halls, disrupt my aunt's French I class, fall asleep in the library and wake up drooling with the bell... I've got a wonderful year going on. And it's because I'm not letting time crowd out my life with its demands.

Tonight I took Keely for a good neighborhood walk out in the rain, and I definitely think I will be more devoted to her again in that regard as I used to be. Before school started I had pledged to continue talking her to Carlanna on weekends, but with soccer I've pretty much completely abandoned her. KYSL's almost over now though and I think I will make time if I have to in order to have regular quality walks again. Tomorrow I will wake up immediately with my brother's alarm, just as I have all week, and, for the first and only time this week, I will get ready to go and walk to school. I will focus on freedom, focus on quality, focus on life- and time can go to hell.


  1. You, my dear monkey, I did not even come in contact with, which makes you the least offensive of said monkeys. It was Wadley and Stone who couldn't get it through their stupid heads.

  2. Maybe they needed some understanding and sympathy... :D just kidding.


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