One Month

This morning I took the SAT Reasoning Test. I will reserve comment on that until I get my scores- not that I feel I did badly, but rather that I simply don't know and don't care to either be negative or to overestimate my performance. There is something that I will prophesy on, however, and that is the outcome of next month's presidential election.

I realize that this is a rather ridiculous thing to do, but I still feel like I should put down some gauge of my estimative abilities right now before anything changes in the presidential race. I know I'll be wrong in at least a few places, but hopefully my guess here will be generally on target.

CNN has a great tool for the electoral map and you can see what their current polling indicates. I took the liberty of leaving all the states CNN thinks are "safe" or "leaning" for each candidate the way they are, but then in my analysis of the "toss-up" states, it may surprise you, but I think six out of the eight toss-ups will go Obama, giving him a monster victory of 329 electoral votes to 209. Here's the map as I see it after the votes have all been counted:

Please feel free to contest my propheteering skills, but this is my set estimation- at least for today.

Although my exploits with the SAT Reasoning may be permanently over now, (depending on my scores), I now have three SAT Subject Tests looming in less than a month. I'm signed up for French with Listening, Mathematics Level Two, and U.S. History, all of which I will be studying profusely, hopefully with the help of study books from my teachers specifically for these tests. Besides these things I suppose my October doesn't look too busy. My first debate meet looms next weekend, but soccer is almost over; homework and AcDc are almost ever-present, but those don't take up too much of my time. I don't really have to be worried about my college applications yet, so as far as this future thing goes I guess I'm handling it pretty well. Bring it on, October- just not all at once, please.