Opposition to Trickle-Down Economics is Not Socialism

Supply-Side Jesus is a false god and John McCain is one of his most faithful followers. Here's some news for Republicans:

Trickle-down economics doesn't work. Hardly anything trickles down.

You cannot make a nation more prosperous by giving more to the rich and hoping that they'll create opportunity for the poor. And yet time and again middle-class Americans gobble-up this idea that it just isn't fair to have a "progressive" tax policy. Tax policy that takes more from the rich and less from the rest isn't unfair and it isn't progressive. It's what works.

Quite simply the one difference I care about between John McCain and Barack Obama is that Obama seems to at least somewhat understand realities like this. McCain thinks it's good to just keep doling out money to corporations like this. Obama proposes government take from the rich and give to the poor. That isn't class warfare. That isn't socialism. That's common sense Keynesian economics. McCain does everything short of supporting the FairTax to push for government letting the rich keep more of their money. Readin his tax policy is just sickening.

Those who believe in supply-side economics are either extremely misled or entirely motivated by greed- which is the same thing. What kind of sense does it make to give more to the rich (or rather not take as much from them) and believe that it will stimulate the economy? The truth is it doesn't. Supply-side economics has failed time and time again and it's about time Americans stopped thinking it works.

There is far too much poverty and suffering in the world to let the richest keep their money and wait for them to save us. There should be far too much intelligence in America for anyone in our middle and lower classes to vote for John McCain.


  1. Read Paul Collier's "The Bottom Billion". Capitalism works. Socialism and restrictive government do not. BTW, Soros recommends the book too.

    Do you have a job? Good thing some wealthier person started that company. Does money trickle down to you from your parents? How about taxing the hell out of either of them and seeing if you reap the benefits of redistribution.

    Stay in school. You have much to learn.

    - some other guy

  2. I'm talking about supply-side versus demand-side economics, not about capitalism. Capitalism obviously works- the question is just who is working and for what purpose.

    I do have a job and it is in no way supported by some wealthy prick. I pity you for believing that the opportunities of the many depend on the privilege of the few.

    Socialist and "restrictive" (i.e. proactive) policy does work, as evidenced by the socialist democracies of the world, just as our current corporatism works. The question is not whether systems work but rather whether they are just, and I think even you might be able to find injustice in America today.


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