Palin: Reaching the Murkowski Level?

The honeymoon is over. It was over a long time ago. Now Alaskans are beginning to reach for the divorce papers.

As I've said before, Sarah Palin succeeded former governor Frank "Worst Governor Ever" Murkowski as per the laws of Alaska politics by defeating him in the 2006 Republican primary. (Originally I left out the word Republican- so you see how messed up this state is.) I was never very familiar with the apparently many many many reasons why Murkowski deserves his title, seeing as I have only regularly engaged myself with state politics in the last few years, but it seems now that Sarah Palin is not working out to be that big breath of fresh uncorrupted Alaskan air we expected when compared to her predecessor. You see, Sarah's just corrupt, wasteful and unethical in different ways. At least it seems that way- maybe because she's just so goshdarn cute. The truth is she's taking advantage of Alaskans in some of the same ways as Murkowski did.

A good recent post from one of the blogs on my roll has a good set of links on various things Sarah's done both as governor and before that. The Wasilla Project is a good place to go for Palin's early political issues that Alaskans failed to pick up on. In all honesty, she just seemed to pop out of nowhere for the win in 2006. One moment I was cheering "yay Frank lost his primary!" then the next moment I was wondering "wait, who the hell got elected governor?" McCain's sad sad selection for vice presidential running mate has led to the vetting Palin should have received from Alaskans a long long time ago. You'd think some vetting would have at least occurred before she was swept off her feet by McCain, but he obviously far too carried away with the potential "maverickness" of his action and running mate.

Now most recently Andrew Halcro has put up this, which in turn links to this. Did we elect a control freak? Probably. Should we elect her again? Hell no. Is there no appropriateness to the fact that when I first went to that ADN article there was a Mark Begich advertisement at the top? In four days Mark's going to beat the felon, just as he won at Kayhi, and in four days Palin will be back home to stay- which is slightly ironically a very good thing. Too bad she won't be able to tote her kids around the country for free any more and won't have as many opportunities to have the state pay for her spa treatments. In two years Sarah will be as dead in the water (innappropriate simile?) as McCain is now. Instead of Mark Begich ads you'll find ads for me across the internet. Yes, "Peter Stanton for governor"- Sarah doesn't stand a chance. No actually I'm discriminated against and won't be able to run. But still, mark my words... some day someone will dredge up this blog and I'll have to think up a good press conference explanation for all this. Picture- Palin and felon: set to lose.