Returning to the World of Me

Despite political developments recently like new celebrity endorsements and the new publicizing of a few of our dear Sarah's irresponsible actions both as governor and as vice-presidential candidate, I would really like to pull my blog back into the world of me- the subject on which I am in fact the universe's leading expert. My blogging has been sporadic of late, and, in my opinion, of sub-par quality. Instead of long original discourses I've been recycling subjects given far more attention and quality of coverage in other realms of the interwebs. There are a few things, however, which I know I can write about pretty well. And so, as of right now I am returning to in-depth discussions of myself, which are pretty much written for myself. I'm not saying you're not welcome to join, (otherwise I wouldn't be publishing on the World Wide Web) but be warned if you are unfamilar with the general essence of this blog and aren't particularly interested in reading about facets of the life of a crazy teenager with a keyboard. Beyond this point lies me.

As to my health right now, I am sick. I've been blowing loads of snot for quite a few days now; it's really quite amazing how much of it I can produce. More importantly, however, I have weighed approximately 140 pounds for several weeks now, and that weight corresponds to a body mass index of 22 for me, which means I'm just about the ideal weight. Now that I'm largely eating healthily and in properly sized portions, my goal can no longer be to lose weight. I have completely and finally overcome my previously seemingly inescapable overweight-ness, but now it seems the next step to reaching an ideal state of fitness (or basically an "ideal body") my goal has to be to get myself more fit- stronger, faster, better at yoga- all that jazz. Now that I mention it, I probably have not given yoga the publicity it deserves in my writing. Just a few minutes ago I went through a few poses on the WiiFit, and although it has been wonderful in measuring my weight loss and providing many different excersises and games to me, probably the most important thing the program has done is teach me yoga.

Once the year 2008 is done and I enter that blessed paradise of "Senior Year After I've Applied to College" I think I might want to start working out after school, either going to the weight room during 6th period or running around town or something like that. But one of the big epiphanies I found during my renaissance of health this late summer and fall was that excersise like yoga can be just as challenging and valuable as the standard weight-lifting and aerobics we usually think about. Yoga strengthens the body by weighing it against itself, not against iron or pavement. A great example of this is just standing on one leg- for as long as possible. Working on that can lead to as much bodily improvement as can sitting in a machine in which you push your legs against a counterweight. Yoga is also incredibly calming, and stretching, in my opinion, is a far undervalued activity whose quality is lost upon most people aiming to improve their physicality.

It's hard for me to think about right now with this damn cold, but I've felt so much better in general as I've gone through losing my weight. My head seems clearer, my body is certainly less burdened, and I just feel lighter. I know that seems obvious for me to feel lighter after losing nearly forty pounds, but the feeling goes beyond just the weight hanging around me. It's a general, indescribable sense of lightness... I mean, even my face is much lighter. Now the goal is to be quicker and lighter on my feet, and in a separate section of reality, quicker with my wits and wisdom.

My first debate is over with and I think the only other one I will attend is our home meet in January, but I can't help shaking the sense of competition sparked in me by that event. I've channeled that to some extent into AcDc and my oncoming SAT Subject Tests, but I definitely need to do more. Today the team did the SuperQuiz practice test which I'll probably take tomorrow. The lowest score was 15 questions right out of 40 and the most someone got right was 28, which is actually pretty good for an AcDc test. Hopefully I can do just as well. Regarding those SAT Subject Tests, I think all three are going to be pretty challenging. The only history test availble was for U.S. history, which is of course an area I am not well prepared for, seeing as I've never taken a class on it, let alone a college-preparatory class, which is recommended. I have taken A.P. European History and A.P. World History though, and those courses and tests will undoubtedly help me out, along with my massive knowledge of history, of course.

The French with Listening will be quite challenging, but fortunately I've got a bookful of practice tests to do before the test date on November 1. The easiest of the three may very well be the Mathematics Test, but I'll have to prepare for that too. More important than the Subject Tests though is the Reasoning Test, the results of which I'll be getting tomorrow. I'm actually really anxious about them... if at least two of the three sections are better than when I took the test the first time (and the third is the same or just a little worse) I will be very happy and will certainly be done with the SAT Reasoning Test forever. If the scores suck, I might take the test a third time... Be sure I'll bring you an update tomorrow. In fact I really need to be bringing y'all updates more often. Mundane my life may seem at times, but it's always going on, and I won't let you forget it.