S.o happy A.m I because of iT.!

Last May I missed three questions on the math portion of the SAT, earning me a score of 720. Three math questions missed on three different categories of questions- it would not be a stretch to imagine one fixing each of those single mistakes in each category when going at the test the next time around. Apparently that's exactly what happened.

I came on the computer again this fine night after having posted the previous post many hours earlier. I went back on the College Board site thinking "They probably won't have my scores posted just because it's technically October 23 now. It'll probably be at 8:00 eastern time or something..." but I signed in to my account anyways and then clicked on the link leading to my SAT scores. The site requires another sign-in for this so I quickly typed in my password and then looked away. I looked through my fingers and it was still loading. I looked away again, and when I looked back I was looking at the Subject Tests for which I'm signed up. Then I scrolled down. I saw "Critical Reading: 760" and thought "Didn't I get 770?" and then I looked over and saw these were the scores for 10/2008. Then I looked at the scores as a whole and just had to say- YES!

10/2008 SAT Reasoning Test
Critical Reading 760
Math 800
Writing 740

I did indeed get 10 few points on the critical reading section I took three weeks ago compared to what I did last May. For the three subjects together, however, I gained 120 points, going from 2180 t0 2300. With writing removed, I went from 1490 t0 1560 with a total gain of 70 points. I went down 10 with reading but went up 80 with math and 50 with writing, both improvements beyond what the College Board says would be my "score range" based on the results of my first test.

The report with my essay score and other things such as the percentiles -which I would very much like to know- will be available November 1, but even with just those numbers I know for sure I can be satisfied with my results on the SAT Reasoning Test. Taking the thing again would practically be blasphemy. I mean, I got perfect on mathematics! How could I expect to get that again? I actually did feel kind of bad about the critical reading right after finishing the test three weeks ago. And yet I still got a great score only ten points less than what I did before- and last time my reading score was by far my best. I'll have to see how much my writing score's improvement may have to do with the essay, but that too was a great jump almost as wonderful as what I did with math. All in all, I know the SAT isn't the essential element in a college's analysis of an applicant, but this is certainly a good foundation. SAT Subject Tests here I come! Jeeze, is there anything the College Board does I can't tackle?