The Second Debate: My Minutes

16:58 Here's my real time analysis and commentary on the second presidential debate. Here goes nothing.

17:01 The pundits seem to think this format will give McCain the advantage, but honestly I think that the town hall set up is just better in general. Freedom is good! Right?

17:03 The chairs the candidates have look like they're from Ikea.

17:04 "Let the market run wild and let the prosperity rain down on all of us." Yes, that's what supply-side Jesus believes. And it's what John McCain supports, and it's what no one in the middle class in their right mind would support.

17:08 I wonder how John McCain plans to both lower taxes and buy up all the problem mortgages in the country.

17:10 "Prosperity is not just going to trickle down." Thank you again, Barack. The "fundamental difference" between you and McCain is that he believes that, and you obviously don't. When is supply-side economics just going to DIE?

17:13 McCain is demonstrating that he is as much of a socialist as Obama when it comes to giving the economy money- he just doesn't want to regulate or tax it.

17:15 I don't know why McCain is still standing up while Obama is speaking; in no way do I think it's bad, but Barack was sitting on his Ikea stool.

17:18 "We've got to give [American workers] a chance." - J.S.M.

17:19 Barack reminds us that Bush turned surplus to deficit and bloated the debt humongous. "We are mortgaging our children's future." Jeeze that's a harsh truth.

17:21 "I have been a consistent reformer." Sure that's true, John - campaign finance reform and global warming are nice - but reform isn't giving corporations more money and a free reign to rule in place in government.

17:23 Now McCain is saying spending is bad. So what were you proposing ten minutes ago?

17:24 McCain dodges prioritizing; that's ok you didn't have much time, and "all of the above" seems to be a motto of yours.

17:25 Obama says we have to prioritize. He says energy first, health care second, education third.

17:28 "What sacrifices will you ask every American to make?" McCain says we'll have to without some government programs... but wait! Now he criticizes defense spending! That'd make me in love if he wasn't a total warmonger.

17:32 "I'm interested in doubling the Peace Corps." I'll help with that.

17:33 Obama brings up the revenue side- John McCain's proposal doesn't share the burden equally.

17:35 McCain brings up evil tax increases again. "I am not in favor of tax cuts for the wealthy." Yeah right. You're telling us we must save the billionaires from paying more money to government so they can continue to make jobs and prosperity for us.

17:40 McCain's tax plan is not fair.

17:41 "It's not that hard to fix social security." We need more of "wonderful Ronald Reagan". No thanks. McCain wants a special commission to create proposals and then have Congress vote up or down. Ever heard of the Constitution?

17:44 McCain seems very concerned with fighting global warming; maybe he should chat with his vice-presidential candidate.

17:46 "[McCain] voted twenty-three times against alternative fuels." Probably because it was ethanol, which was a total scam you supported, Barack... but whatever.

17:48 McCain calls Obama "that one." Ok.

17:50 "Do you believe health care should be treated as a commodity?" What a softball! Obviously Obama and the rest of the nation believe health care is not a commodity, but McCain certainly seems to.

17:52 Now we hear the other side of McCain/Palin saying they're going to remove state "limitations" on health care. Really they would remove state regulations that make health care more just.

17:53 McCain says government mandates are bad. Fines against those who don't provide coverage are bad. And now he finally admits he will tax employers... but really it's all about choice, right, because the insurance companies won't take advantage of us at all...

17:56 Obama is about to smack McCain down. Or he should.

17:57 "It is absolutely true that I think it is important for government to crack down on insurance companies." Consumer protections are lost when companies can move to certain states to set up shop in particular havens.

18:00 "America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world." I think most Christians should be inclined to disagree with you, Johnny.

18:01 "It's true; there are some things I don't understand. I don't understand how we ended up invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11." - B.H.O.

18:05 Obama doctrine supports moral intervention, but we can't be everywhere, and so we must work in concert with others.

18:06 McCain doctrine is late in coming because McCain has to address the "fundamental difference" between Obama and him on Iraq.

18:07 "Realize you're sending America's most precious asset abroad." We can't exacerbate our reputation... however that happens.

18:09 Obama brings about fear factor of mountain tribal men plotting against us. Oh and then he uses the "Muslim" pronunciation of Taliban. (Sorry it's a Conservapedia reference.)

18:11 Teddy Roosevelt is John McCain's hero. Funny thing that- he's my slightly-removed cousin.

18:13 Obama wants a quick follow-up. I don't think it's that important.

18:14 Neither one speaks softly or responsibly. That's obvious.

18:15 McCain wants equal time. And the back and forth continues.

18:16 "What we need is an acceptable dictator." Is this a joke? The British should be fired.

18:19 "How can we apply pressure to Russia on humanitarian issues?" McCain warned us about Putin.

18:21 We have to deal with the resurgence of Russia. We have to supply former satellites with financial aid and "see around the corners."

18:23 Energy is key in dealing with Russia. Now it is yes or no questions!

18:24 Is Russia an evil empire? Obama: pretty much no. McCain: maybe.

18:25 "Everything I ever learned about leadership I learned from a chief petty officer."

18:27 Obama repeats a few stump sentences on Iran. We should have direct talks. Nixon went to China; Obama can go to Iran.

18:30 "What don't you know and how will you learn it?" "It's never the challenges you expect. ... Are we going to pass on that same American dream to the next generation?" Obama isn't answering the question at all, but he wants to continue the journey that is America.

18:32 We don't know what's going to happen. "I believe in this country. ... It's been my honor to serve it for many many years. ... We need a steady hand at the tiller."

18:34 Someone got in the way of Tom's script. What an anticlimax.


  1. I liked the ending when Tom couldn't read his teleprompter. That's good stuff.

  2. This has nothing to do with the debate, but dude! We won our soccer game and Greg Johnson said fuck to me! YEAHHHH! =D

  3. Hey. Ikea makes nice chairs. Don't drag the Swedes into our political mess. They have enough troubles with pickled herring...

  4. I like Ikea stuff. It's just unamerican. :D Isn't it stupid how "unamerican" is thought of as bad?


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