Top Ten Reasons to Vote for McCain

I love point-by-point opinion pieces; it makes it so much easier to refute them in an organized way when they're structured like that. This "Top Ten Reasons to Vote for McCain" comes from here, which I was lead to by the ever-classic Conservapedia.

1) Senator McCain has an enduring Faith, a High Moral Character, a Good Work Ethic, and Compassion. One would think these wonderful things would be exhibited in McCain's actions. Enduring faith in my mind would exhibit itself in what the man says, and I have never heard scripture in any of McCain's speeches, unlike Obama. I assume faith played a large part in bringing McCain through his suffering in Vietnam, but this being judged a stronger faith than Obama's is akin to judging McCain the better candidate because he has gone through more suffering. High moral character might best be examined in McCain's relationships, and the nature of his first divorce may indicate a large lack of integrity on his part. As for work ethic, I think we can best judge that by McCain's rank in his graduating class from the Naval Academy: 894 out of 899. Lastly, I would be far more convinced of McCain's compassion if he supported policies to help those who are suffering in America (not to mention throughout the world) instead of ones that would drive us deeper into proletarian servitude. Now that's just number one out of ten.

2) Senator McCain's economic policies will create prosperity. I would say that statement, simple as it is, could very well be true. But prosperity for who? Under Bush the wealth of the United States grew, but the wealth of the majority of Americans decreased. Creating prosperity implies prosperity for everyone, and McCain's supply-side economics clearly would not do that.

3) Senator McCain loves his country - a patriot's patriot. Bombing Vietnamese does not constitute in my mind an expression of extraordinary, nor indeed necessarily any, patriotism or love of one's country.

4) Senator McCain will be a great commander-in-chief. I thought the basic point of this "top ten" was to explain that statement.

5) Senator McCain has excellent Personal Judgment. Yes, that must be why McCain fell in with Charles Keating and was found by the Senate Ethics Committee as having exercised 'poor judgment'."

6) Senator McCain believes in the sanctity of life. Look at the actions. Anyone who supports or has participated in warfare obviously doesn't believe in the sanctity of life.

7) Senator McCain gets things done in Congress. Sure- just like when he suspended his campaign to solve the financial crisis.

8) Senator McCain is one of the Senate's Most Savvy Technologists. The article's elaboration on this consists of saying it is beneath McCain's dignity to refute Obama's previous attacks on his knowledge of technology. I would agree those ads from Obama were inappropriate and wrong, but is there actually any evidence that McCain is "one of the Senate's most savvy technologists?" - not that I've ever seen, and certainly not that I saw in the article. Does that even deserve to be #8?

9) Senator McCain never consorted with terrorists, bombers, criminals, anti-Americans, bigots, or racists. Even I have "kept company" with criminals, and I've probably done so with bigots and rascists as well. Does that make me a bad person? No, it means I have varied company. In fact I'm glad that there are people kind enough to overlook the faults of criminals and bigots. If everyone discarded all their friends who have done bad things this would be a very lonely world.

10) President McCain's Vice President will be Sarah Palin: a woman, a mother, a PTA mom, a mayor, a governor, an achiever, and someone who believes that all children are deserving of life and opportunity regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The writer of this list obviously cares a lot about abortion - something I certainly don't look down on them for - but they seem to think about it very simply (in a manner that does not give the abortion issue the complexity and careful consideration it deserves) just as they characterize Sarah Palin's positives very simply. I wish people would learn more about what Sarah Palin has actually achieved, but truth be told it's hard to find anything. I would make my own top ten lists, but I think I would be stretched to come up with good points, just like this author seems to have been. Fortunately you only need one point on a list to make what is basically an either/or decision. Here's my one big freaking reason to vote Obama: THE MIDDLE CLASS. THE MIDDLE CLASS. THE MIDDLE CLASS.