This may not seemingly be a very pressing issue, nor could this be something the President would directly enact, but I think it would be an inspired action for President Obama to promote a constitutional amendment that would instate term limits for United States Senators and Representatives. I am from the state of Alaska, which is still processing votes in a very close election that may well return a Senator to Congress who has already held that position for forty years. In my mind, this was not the type of service that our founders envisioned being done in this nation's government.

The four-time election of Franklin Roosevelt was a legacy that galvanized this nation and pushed it to instate term limits for the President of the United States. Unfortunately, no one event will be able to do so much for the entire country in regards to Senators and Representatives. That, however, does not make the institution of term limits for the legislative branch less important. I believe that the same principles that led this nation to create the 22nd amendment should also lead it to establish appropriate term limits for members of Congress.

I very much hope this is an issue that interests President-Elect Obama because I believe it is in the interests of American democracy to place upon the legislative branch the same limits that have been placed on the executive and that have been placed on local and state governments throughout the country. In the future I hope positions in this republic will not be held for decades at a time and that such legacies will only be things of the past.

Thank you very much to whomever reads this. This site is an inspired idea and I am truly impressed.

Please go to and submit your idea to President-Elect Barack Obama as well.