Live from Ketchikan: It's Saturday Night!

Things seem to be going pretty well for me and the world. Well, at least they're fine for me. I now have all my aunt's and mom's photos from France on my computer, so perhaps I should actually finish summarizing that trip as I promised to do all those ages ago. I only wrote about three or four days of that trip so far so there's a lot more to go. Maybe I can be a bit less detailed though. The thing about the France photos is it's amazing how much fatter I seemed to (or perhaps just did) look. I feel as if I need to go back so I can get more flattering pictures. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get to do some crazy Euro-trip when I'm a bit older.

(Image: Here I am sitting being fat in Monaco. At least I'm not a fat Monégasque capitalist pig, though.)

Perhaps my almost guaranteed foreign travel during college can be to the Continent (which isn't really a continent at all). Speaking of which... I have been accepted at Tulane University in New Orleans. This is the only school I have applied to so far and I only applied to it as practice because the application was free. It is about the 50th best school in the country though, making it a lot better than all the other places that have offered me free applications, so I think I could say it's a back up school for me. It almost seems to be better than Willammette, which I'll still be applying to, since it was the college of both my parents.

Right now I need to work on some application essays, both for the Common Application organization as well as for scholarships. And as of this exact moment I just got handed a big envelope from Trinity Western University. It's Christian and it's in Canada. Hmm... yeah I think I'll pass. Today was a pretty okay day. I woke up surprisingly early and did a little homework before wasting away the rest of my morning. At noon I had a quick bruncheon before the German Club came over. We walked to Carlanna Lake and back and then watched Crash- both activities that I thoroughly enjoy. That did use up a lot of my time though so now I am faced with a situation of wanting to get a lot of homework done when it's already getting late. Is this a familiar situation? You betcha! But now it's 8:30 so I think I'm going to go upstairs, switch the TV channel, and let y'all know that... Live from Ketchikan, it's Saturday night!


  1. ...Ouch? It is the idea of both the fact that Trinity is a Liberal Arts Christian school and that it is in Canada that turns you off?

    Granted, I will admit that I am completely clueless as to how many Americans view Canada, but...

  2. No rest assured I love Canada. I think the general view of it, at least among my friends, is a grudging acceptance that Canada is way better than the U.S. in many respects while at the same time finding things about it to make fun of... (pardon the ending preposition)

    The key for me is I wouldn't want to go to college in Canada, nor would I want to go to a Christian college. I actually thought for a while about going to school in Canada or some other foreign country, but realistically it just wouldn't work. I'll just go on exchange.

  3. I'm thinking of Canada. They've got a good school there for environmental studies.

  4. The key is whether a degree from a Canadian school is going to work for whatever job you want to do.

  5. Message back to the naïve and somewhat insensitive Peter of three and a half years ago: You did end up going to a very Christian school - the oldest Catholic university in the United States, in fact.


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