An Unofficial Photo and Pretty Much Official Results

It's a sad thing indeed when I have to "steal" my own photo from the Ketchikan Daily News using the Prnt Scrn button. Needs must I suppose... I do love the KDN, but they should make a better website- i.e. one where you don't need to pay to read online articles. Here's the caption:

HALLOWEEN HIJINKS — Presidential candidates Barack Obama (freshman Wyatt Stall) and John McCain (senior Peter Stanton) shake hands while Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (senior Kristina Fabry) gives a thumbs-up Friday in the Ketchikan High School commons. Staff photo by Hall Anderson

Now on Friday I got the exact results of the Kayhi election, but first, let me recommend this comedy interlude and this post with the YouTube of a hilarious prank that got pulled on Sarah recently. If you've even heard Sarkozy's voice once there's no way you could have believed that was him... and I don't even know how the pranksters got through the preliminary checks. But anyways, the details are here and I think I'm going to look up some more of this pair's pranks now. Here are the official Ketchikan High School Class of 2009 results:

115 ballots cast (estimated 92-96% turnout)

Barack Obama (D): 72 (63%)
John McCain (R): 39 (34)
Ralph Nader (I): 4 (3)

U.S. Senator:
Mark Begich (D): 54 (47%)
Ted Stevens (R): 38 (33)
Bob Bird (A), write-in or blank: 23 (20)

U.S. Congressman:
Don Young (R): 49 (43%)
Ethan Berkowitz (D): 44 (38) write-in or blank: 22 (19)
(I guess I misremembered when I said it was a difference of one. Or maybe there was a recount.)

State Senator:
Bert Stedman (R): 69 (60%)
write-in or blank: 46 (40)

State Congressman:
Kyle Johansen (R): 70 (61%)
write-in or blank: 45 (39)