Isolationism in the Middle Kingdom

Let it be known to all - I have shut down all my ports.
Honestly, all I've done recently is pretty insular; the most out-going activities I'm doing are going to school and going to Ketchikan Underground. Essentially, the nation of Peter Stanton is closed off to the outside world.

For one thing, I've totally stopped paying attention to the news. After the election pretty much all my viewing of cable news or tv news in general stopped, but now I don't even read the newspaper, and I'm sure my current event points in government and debate have suffered because of it. Perhaps even more astonishingly, I've decided to stop visiting my regular blogs. I still look at my blogroll, but now I only care when there's a new update from someone I know personally - such as from my cousin Alexa, who wrote a nice post today about my gift to her as a "secret Santa." Peter Stanton has stopped roaming the blogosphere. Impossible? I might have thought so too.

Really all this comes down to is the fact that I have one week until Christmas: one week to get presents for everyone in my family (even Alexa still), and one week to get my college applications ready. I also have four days before I take my most important semester final; all the others will be in January. To keep myself from working all the time I am also reading Ken Follett's World Without End, which is much more accurately called Book Without End as it comes in at a cool 1014 pages. I'm about a third of the way through already though, so even Book Without End may not be able to last me until Christmas. Regardless, I think I need to make like the Middle Kingdom and FOCUS.

Just as China locked itself in and said "cultural purity, cultural purity, cultural purity," so too will I lock myself in and repeat "college applications, college applications, college applications." I'm not leaving the house until I've written my main Common App essay! Well, I suppose I have to go to school tomorrow. 


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