Pains in the Neck

Today I really had a pain in the neck - a very literal one. I don't remember when exactly I realized it, but it became very bad during the course of second period such that I was pretty much crying on the inside. Before English class started I lay down for a little while, which relieved things momentarily, but then it only really went away slowly over the rest of the morning. At lunch I set a terrifying precedent - I bought culinary lunch for the first time this year. Obviously that's not such a bad thing, but I certainly don't want to get into the habit of eating culinary again, and in other things where I had pledged myself to good habits (like walking to school every day) I've kind of broken down. I'll have to be careful and set myself straight again. Otherwise I suppose I had a pretty good day, although calculus is getting into kind of a risk zone for me grade-wise. I'm going to have to do well (read: get an A) on both the chapter test Monday and the semester exam. Now that I think about it though I guess the semester exam is all the way out there in January, so I'll just study for the chapter test this weekend and turn the rest of my attention to the one most important pain in the neck: college applications. My goal for some time now has been to have all my applications ready by Christmas and then send them off as a Christmas present to myself. The problem is I still need to write a great and wonderful essay that will have colleges eating out of my hand. I suppose I have taken the first big step in that process though, and that was coming up with the idea for the basis of my essay. I think it's going to be the Bridge to Nowhere. By far the best piece of advice I've heard about college essays is to figure out what you want the admissions people to know first, and then write the essay second, making sure you include all those important accomplishments and impressions about yourself.

 (Image: an idea of the Bridge to Nowhere as found on Ketchikan's Uncyclopedia article)

One of the prompts for the Common Application is to choose an issue of importance to you, and so I think I can successfully use the Bridge to Nowhere as a hook and theme for my essay while really focusing on my own experience in Ketchikan - seeing as I need to exploit my minority status' as an Alaskan and as someone from a small town - and of course recounting my many accomplishments and qualifications for [insert college name here]. In other news, the link in the previous article to Ketchikan Underground no longer goes to anything, so please use the one ten words before this. I think it's starting out pretty nicely aside from the presence of a single user. We've had a lot of problems with each other before, but honestly I wouldn't care at all or would in fact appreciate him if he could actually stay away from mentioning the most vulgar and unspeakable things in his posts. Honestly I'd love to go out and tell tons of people about how great KU is, but I can imagine them going to the site and seeing certain posts that will turn them off right away and keep them from coming back - and you really can't blame them. Hopefully you the reader will become you the writer and join me and the 70 other members of the site anyways. See you there.