Bill Moyers for the Win (A Serious Discussion of the Situation in Gaza)

I use the above title in jest, although Bill Moyers is obviously an incredible journalist deserving of much kudos. In reality, there is no "win" in the situation in Gaza and in Israel. Here is a link to a video of some of Moyers' recent commentary, which I can almost unequivacally endorse and certainly can recommend for you to watch - that is, after all, why I am placing it here.

Today there was a post on the Moyers' TV show's website detailing a letter sent to Bill and his response. 

Again, I have to say, Moyers for the win. Or rather, I should say "Moyers for the truth." He may not be speaking it exactly - the truth is after all an abstraction of perfection - but he is certainly seeking it. You should too. Personally, I cannot say who is more to blame for the violence in Gaza. I don't think it is possible nor appropriate to say that one side or the other is more justified, because neither is.

Israel is a just democracy with institutions that have far more integrity than those of Gaza. Hamas' statements and stated goals (and those of all groups and persons seeking to "destroy Israel" or discriminate against Jews) are, quite frankly, evil. And yes, Israelis have an absolute right to live with the liberty and security that we are so easily blessed with here. For all these reasons and more, we should "support Israel." Without quotation marks, I support Israelis.

And yet, on the other side, Gazans have been trapped for a long long time. They lead lives much less priveliged than those of Israelis and endure injustices placed upon them by their own oppressive government, by Israel, and by a myriad of other unfortunate factors - in short, they suffer because of history. Since Israel's offensive, 13 Israelis have died. I don't know the number killed by Hamas' attacks that occured before the retaliation, but I can guess that it is far far less than one thousand. More than one thousand Gazans have been killed in Israel's offensive, and when the majority of these are civilians, how is it a surprise that hatred of Israel still thrives? Gazans too have an absolute right to the justice and liberty all humans deserve. Gazans also need a voice to speak out against the atrocities committed against them, and for all these reasons and more I support Gazans.

My stance on murder has not changed, and murder is what all of the killing that has occured is. Civilian deaths in warfare are not casualties. They are not accidental victims of manslaughter. They are victims of murder. In fact, combatant deaths in warfare are not casualties. They are victims of murder, and many may have been themselves murderers. Here I refer you to this article, which I still stand by after rereading it recently. It may in fact have the most comments I've ever gotten on a single article here at the Publisher, and I would have appreciated further argument from the people who simply shook their heads and promised themselves that I have no connection with reality and no possible contribution to the truth surrounding war or killing or the value of human life.

Here is my experience: I have seen death. More importantly, I know what it means. For those who have seen an experienced war or murder or other violence, I hardly understand why these things could not further convince you of this simple truth: human beings have an absolute right to life. It is absolute, and I will stand resolute in defending that premise.


  1. For once, I think you've given a fair, unbiased, and enlightened assessment of the situation. This journalist guy is having a good effect on you.

  2. Hey I don't pretend to possess anything similar to the intellectual and emotional immaturity I used to have. We haven't argued politics in a long long time.


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