Formatting Failings

Attention all readers, few though you may be:

The primary reader of this blog (me) today discovered that ALL my past articles have had their formatting seriously messed up. A few weeks ago I started having problems with getting line breaks to work properly in articles as I posted them, but now those problems seem to have come to all my archives, which are now bunched up single paragraphs - each and every one of them.

Idealistically, one can say that it's my words that matter and people will read through idiotic internet formatting. One can also say that my archived articles don't matter that much. I still want my blog to look correct though, so I'm upset. I am now going to be trying to use identation more instead of line breaks - so please, just sympathize with me as I try to correct these problems.

Correction: Actually it seems this plague has only selectively destroyed line breaks. I'm still mad though.