Let Freedom Ring!

Today is possibly my favorite holiday of the year. Actually it is. I don't even care that I still have to go to school; in fact that's good since I plan on posting a bunch of MLK quotes around the halls and playing "I Have a Dream" on the announcements. Well, I think I'll play the last five minutes of it. Here is the historic speech in its entirety:
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


  1. ... when you gave that speech on the intercom, everyone in my AK Studies class stopped and stared at me. "That's your cousin," they informed me.

  2. How was their reception? I don't know why'd they'd stare at you, but yes I'm sure you need to be reminded that I'm your cousin.

  3. They were bored by it, to be honest. "Aww why do we have to listen to this?!" they whined.
    Well dude.
    1. Cause it's a good speech. And regarding how educated my class seems to be... they need to hear good speeches.
    2. It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody. Show some respect. What's wrong with listening to five minutes or so of his speech? It won't kill you. This man changed America... listen on up.


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