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I've always enjoyed measuring my political alignment with various online polls, and this latest one I've found is unique because it measures a person on a more uniquely American scale. Sure it's set in the context of the election that now seems long over, but I still think it'd be fun to check.


I was actually much closer to Obama than I anticipated, which is somewhat disappointing, since in reality his pragmatism will likely continue to divulge from my own idealism as his term continues. On the other hand, there are some things that really make me think that the crazy conservatives might be right: maybe Obama really is a big lefty who's just been hiding it in front of the American public. I shall hold out hope.

Then I took this British poll, which is interesting because it hass one simple left/right axis but then also has a pragmatic/idealistic axis. I was pretty far left, of course, but then I was barely an idealist, which is pretty disappointing. On the other hand, there were some weird questions on the poll that were practically factual statements. I have the feeling that agreeing with them made me pragmatic, but I had to agree! They were true! Oh well, you should try out the poll anways...


This last one seems like one of the most complex and best I've taken. Not only do you select a stance on a variety of issues, but you also rank how important the issue is to you. I can even post my results right here:

My Political Views

I am a left social libertarian Left: 7.12, Libertarian: 3.69

My Foreign Policy Views Score: -5.19

My Culture War Stance Score: -6.27

Political Spectrum Quiz

Again it seems kind of disappointing that I'm not a total leftist, but then again I take pride in being set apart (i.e. "conservative") on certain issues, namely abortion, the environment, and affirmative action. From my point of view, my positions on those issues only highlight how much of a progressive humanist I am, but I still suppose they're what people consider to be on the right side of the spectrum, so I guess I'll just stay with seeming to be a norm-breaker. Don't take my moderation on the scales to mean that I'm moderate on issues; that couldn't be farther from the truth. The truth is I'm so extreme that I break the overly-moderate mainstream understanding of what is "liberal" and what is "conservative." 
Have fun with the quizzes!


  1. Every time I take one of these, it sticks me slightly left of center. I consider myself fairly moderate, so it fits.

  2. Ah that's how you average females are... moderately liberal. :D


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