Redecorating and Making a "Random" List

Those of you reading this who have been to this blog before will most assuredly have noticed that the colors have changed. I do like the combination of blue and green; those have been the dominant colors here many times before. Just as with other changes, however, I went through several different combinations to arrive at this point. The first was red white and blue, using the exactly specified colors of the U.S. flag, but I disliked the red. Then I went to an Alaska-themed blue and gold, which in turn transitioned to blue, green and blueberry-purple, which now is only changed so that there's a bit of gold put back into the mix. There are six different colors specified by me making up the theme for the blog now, which is probably more than there's ever been for an extended amount of time. I assume I'll keep this theme for an extended amount of time, but if you have any objections go ahead and let me know. With as limited a readership as I have, you the reader should feel you have a large influence on this blog.

Today I decided to make a random list. Now personally I dislike the rise of the word "random" and its prominence in today's world, especially among "youth," but unfortunately it seems to be the best fitting descriptor for the following, since it is related to absolutely no thing at all that has been written on this blog recently or occured in my life recently. Take my use of "random" as a testament to the word's ascendance. But anyways, what is this list, you ask? Well, I believe it is a list of the top ten countries I would like to visit that I have never been to before. And even in and of themselves, you may find them rather... random.

1. India
2. Mexico
3. Sweden
4. Haiti
5. Cuba
6. Italy
7. South Africa
8-10. Lebanon-Israel-Palestine (combo-trip!)
Honorable Mention: Ireland

Feel free to recommend some travel plans!