This blog is now over nine months old.

Looking back at what I wrote nine months ago, it's a little amazing how much I've changed. Physically I am much lighter; I know that doesn't exactly show online, but I did make a few posts about weight troubles and plans to deal with them, as well as my eventual victory over them, and I tell you - being fit feels very good. Coming in stride with my newfound physique I think I've gained a newfound confidence in day-to-day interactions over these last few months, which in turn has led to other changes. Even my musical taste has changed: old standards have become boring to me, and music I used to find boring has brought new inspiration to my ears. I believe my writing has changed some; now I look back on things I wrote last summer and think of how I would write the same thing differently today, but perhaps one thinks of such criticism even the day after writing something. When I look at what Google Blogger has provided me, I really can't be thankful enough.

Each time I post on this blog, I leave a message to my future self just as much as I leave a message to all of you. This is my album of thoughts - a collection of memories no camera can capture. Indeed this is no new invention; journals and diaries are as old as the sentence. For me, however, blogging provides me with the means to save the past for myself - ever-available for use at a later date. Call it hackneyed, but I love this. Message to Peter Stanton: This was you, February 12, 2009.

With that in mind, I find it saddening now that I realize that I haven't done an hour-by-hour summary of my school day for a long long time. I'd better start again as soon as possible, right? Here was my day:

Sleep was blissfully long. Yesterday I had an afternoon nap and went to sleep pretty dang early. Ironically, but unsurprisingly of course, this led to me waking up late - around 7:30. I still got to school during announcements though, which is a pretty big accomplishment.

Calculus this morning was unsurprisingly unsurprising. I seem to have started this quarter extremely well though with a 99% on the last test, which was quite a surprise indeed. I didn't even feel like I was sure to get an A on that thing after I took it, but I guess something worked out for me.

Today in government I served on the jury of a mock trial. We found two seamen not guilty of killing a third. It was obvious that they had murdered him - the three were the only survivors of a sunken ship and they had to eat the weak one in order to survive - but I and the majority of the jury agreed that extenuating circumstances and the spirit of the law should win out for the men.

In literature we're reading through Hamlet, which I find I much less comprehensible play than A Midsummer Night's Dream. Thankfully though I know the story by other means, so reading it for the first time is made somewhat easier. Tonight I'll have to finish a paper comparing and contrasting the novellas Billy Budd and The Old Man and the Sea, both of which were enjoyable. Getting the essay up to the required word count may be a little difficult though - I don't know if I have enough steam to add 500 words with only the points I already have.

In debate we are now addressing the No Child Left Behind Act. Last weekend I went to Skagway for my last meet, so now the class seems a lot more insignificant. Perhaps I'll talk about the meet sometime soon here, but in all honesty I don't really want to... Debate and speech competition has been a really good experience for me I think, but it's not really something I've enjoyed a lot.

At lunch I did yoga for the first time in a while. It seemed way too rushed, but it was still good to get some stretching done when these past few weeks have been very yoga-deficient.

In French we watched a bit more of a French Compte de Monte Cristo tv series. I'm kind of getting into the thing now, but it certainly is a lot different from the American film with which I was first introduced to the story. Apparently though we're almost done with what we're watching in class. In total it will have been more than seven hours of reading subtitles and at least seven more hours watching Gerard Depardieu than I ever wanted.

During sixth period I went on the computer in the library for a bit but then relocated myself to a chair and took a nap. After that I had a few snacks since I had no lunch. Following the bell I went to AcDc practice where we began discussing economics... and I was reminded why I would not enjoy taking Mr. Ortiz's class on it, nor any other on the subject. For brief moments I've thought of minoring in economics in college. Message to Peter: don't.

After walking home I did a bit on the computer and then had to go ref soccer. After getting home past 8:00 we had dinner, which was followed by family talk and... this. I may miss a few moments in summaries like these, but you miss far far more when you are always moving on with life and leave all moments uncaptured. Even the most mundane aspects of life can be blessings when rediscovered from the future.