Criminal Neglect

A woman has a large household - many family members, many children, all contained within a sprawling yet modest house. Some of the children do well in school, others have dropped out. Many of the adults have lost jobs and the family's economic situation has taken a downturn, but they are still doing adequately well, and everyone is carrying on admirably. The woman's children and family look up to her as a leader in the house, and she takes on the task of organizing things, although she does need a lot of help.

Regardless, one day the woman is approached by a suited man who offers her the kind of money her family would need to get back on the up-and-up. He offers money to fix up the house, money to buy new things, money for medicine, money to support the unemployed members of the family, and money to put the household's children into better schools.

Of course, the woman decides she'll take the money and is thankful for it. It does seem like a lot though, so she thinks the man should keep some of what he's offering. Specifically, she refuses to take the money for the kids' education.


If you haven't already realized what the allegory here is, the woman I am describing is named Sarah Palin. The household is Alaska, and I, my siblings, and thousands of other Alaskan children are the ones being screwed over by our governor.

It's no new story that Alaska has troubles in its education system. We not only have one of the highest dropout rates in the nation, (one that is twice the national average), but we also are ranked last in the United States for the percentage of our ninth graders who are predicted to have bachelor's degrees in ten years. Schools are having to cut back. Teachers pay is going nowhere, but many teachers are - they're leaving. The UA system has endemic problems getting many of its students to graduate - and yet - somehow, Sarah Palin thinks it's a good idea to reject monies that would fund Alaska education - even money for special needs students. I thought Governor Palin was supposed to be some "crusader for special needs" by virtue of her last baby. Apparently not.

In one of her state-of-the-state addresses, the current Governor of Alaska described herself as a mother for this state. If Sarah Palin is a mother to Alaska's children, she is being criminally negligent.

(Image: Does Sarah care? Obviously not enough to invest in Trig's future teachers...)


  1. That's Sarah Palin. Dude, what do you expect? I'm so tired of CONSTANTLY being disappointed in her role as governor. She's just ... not fit for that position. Or anything like that, for that matter.


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