Every Day a Free Day

This afternoon I mentioned to someone that I had no sixth period class and then said "Yeah, I get to go home early. I get a free day every day." In context the phrase made little sense; a shortened day certainly isn't "free" as most would think of it. I don't know exactly why I said it. And yet, every day we live our lives really is free. School doesn't take away my freedom; it's a place I go to daily show what I've done with my free and beautiful life. Regardless of where we are, we are, even in the worst of troubles, at our very innermost, fundamentally, undeniably free.

All this comes down to attitude and perspective. I honestly believe that one's attitude is the single most fundamental element in living a good life. Believe me, I know there is oppression in this world, and millions of people across the planet are entirely unable to have what we would call a good life. I know a good attitude would seem to do little for the starving or imprisoned. But then, look at us. The vast majority of people in the post-development world have every reason to feel they are living a good life. We have wealth; we have resources; we have opportunity; we have freedom. There is no inescapable oppression in my life that can prevent me from feeling I have the world to win. And yet - look at how many around us are unhappy. At least see how many people are a lot less grateful and happy than they should be. A positive view of oneself and of the world is the basis upon which one creates a positive life.

Even in the "worst" years of my life thus far - even during the times when I've felt I was the most negative - I still think that I've had a fundamentally positive outlook on life. The harvest I've reaped from that planting in my mind is uncountable. Conversely, the losses that come with negative outlooks are tragically unrecoverable. This leads me to the idea of freedom: Every day is a free day, and the possibilities held within that terrible truth have a wondrous power. The essence of our free will as human beings lies in the mind. We all have an inherent independence, an ultimate control over everything we think and do. When gifted with this beautiful freedom, when given each morning a new free day, we have the power to create both beauty and tragedy.

The beauty of freedom is that all we add to the world is our own. The ultimate responsibility for all our achievements lies within ourselves. But then, when beauty passes us by and we don't embrace life in all its magnificience - the fault, again, lies only with ourselves.

Let the quality of life shine through. When it comes down to it, there is but one thing we should look for in life: opportunity. That is what makes life beautiful. In each free day there is a limitless store of possibility. Take just some of that possibility with each of your steps, make the most of it, make the best of it, and in the end each free day will be a beautiful day - and it'll be beautiful because of you.


  1. alaskamama15 March, 2009

    I really appreciate your Free Day article! As I drove across the bypass this morning on the way to church, I looked up at the beautiful snow topped mountains and thought about having freedom. We do too often take our freedom to do so many things for granted. But there are people and places that lack freedom. We should indeed remember and be thankful every day for our freedom and continue to work for "liberty and justice for all!"


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