Paradigm Shift

I know that my post here won't be terribly true to the real definition of a paradigm shift, but I think it sounds good so I'll go with it. What I'd like to get across with that title and with my post is actually pretty basic: my life is shifting course. Explaining the multitude of ways in which this is happening would be incredibly complicated and probably impossible, (even for the world's leading expert on me - me), but ironically, my life now - at least for the moment - seems a lot less complicated than it was.

The major landmark of change in my life in the last few weeks was the Alaska State Academic Decathlon, which stretched from the 25th to the 28th last month. Ketchikan took a pretty great team to the competition and ranked better than its ever done - fourth place in the state. Our team took seventeen individual medals, out of which I took six. Much more importantly for me, however, I was the second-highest overall scorer in the state. In all I'd have to say it was really worth my time to have made AcDc my big extra-cirricular activity for my four years of high school. Next year the topic will be the French Revolution, but in all honesty I don't regret that I'll be missing it. That quadrennial of activity has come to its close and I think its had a pretty good ending.

Now all my weekdays have nothing scheduled after school, and I can finally return to personal reading. I'll still be catching up a little bit tonight from things missed after the meet, but now, quite suddenly, school is my primary and only academic focus. These last few days my thought was that "this feels like sophomore and junior years," and indeed it does seem that way because homework and schoolwork are momentarily a strong and influential presence in my life. Ultimately though, I think I've got to be looking at other things. Rest assured I will be rebounding from Febraury's dismal lack of posting. I'll increase all of my independent writing and reading, and there will be other things to take up my time now as well: scholarships, college decisions, other other things...

My thoughts about college recently seem to be coming closer and closer to reality. My only real fear about college itself is the debt that it will put me in, but I know I'll have to face the reality that this is practically unavoidable. College debt is just another addition to the indentured servitude Americans are forced into by our system. I can try to avoid the slavery of debt as much as possible, but in college I'll really just be focused on doing the best I can to expand my mind, expand my skills, and do the work set before me as best as possible - again.