The Birds Are Back In Town

It was this morning that they were back. Well, that's how it seemed to me. It could have happened yesterday, maybe within the last few days, but regardless, the songbirds have returned to Ketchikan.
When it comes down to it, I had an astoundingly fortunate and enjoyable morning - and, I would say, a wonderfully pleasant and rewarding day. Through the wee hours I typed up a paper on foreign policy and interventionism for American government class. Then I listened to the radio for a while - NPR - first Fresh Air, then the news, and I was just hearing about the earthquake in Italy by the time I feel asleep. I was awakened around 7:30 with little trouble (from my point of view), and at that point I felt very unfortunate indeed. 
You see, I had planned on listening to the radio only as something to tide me over before getting up again and continuing to work on homework through the very early morning (i.e. the hours leading up to 7:30). I knew I would be taking a homework quiz at the beginning of first period, but I had only done one of the two homework assignments that the quiz would cover. I readied myself for school as quickly as possible and then was able to do maybe three problems of the assignment before we had to leave. I did half of the fourth while we were driving. As I sat down in class, I finished the problem. With the other assignment included, I had completed about five eighths of the assigned material. Amazingly, the two problems on the quiz from the incomplete assignment were... from its first four problems. I believe I got 100% for assignments for which, in all honesty, I did not deserve an A. 
In second period (government) we had a current events quiz and then had a discussion about intervening in situations like the Rwandan genocide over a decade ago. A few people talked about the situation as if the situation in Rwanda was occuring right now, but in a way it still is. War in the northeastern DRC has claimed many thousands of lives, and of course there are many situations outside of that region of the world that merit the consideration of intervention. In fact, I would say they merit intervention, but perhaps I will save that issue for another time. In short, the discussion was interesting, and it was certainly not a low point to the day. Come to think of it, was there a low point in my day? Oh yes - it's beginning. But from there all was peachy!
Nothing special happened in Literature, Debate, or French. Those are summed up with the phrases "The Sound and the Fury discussion group," "deciding to do speeches for the next week," and "finishing Les Yeux de Carmen."
This evening I attended a Borough Assembly meeting as part of our government quarter project. As I walked home from the new White Cliff Borough offices, I remembered that I had heard the birds this morning, even as I had rushed to go to school while getting other things done. I watched the birds hopping and flying around all the way home, and early on in the walk I had been seized by the line "the birds are back in town." Obviously this is set to music, (just like another title I've used here), matching the tune of a line wherein "birds" is actually "boys." I couldn't really tell you what song the line is from though, or the artist, or the decade the music is from, but it's in my head all the same.
As I walked, I sensed that this avarian return really was a part of the beginning of spring - something I believe has finally reached this poor snow-swept town. It smelled like spring, and the air was balmy. I'm even seeing more bugs now. However pagan it may be, I say it really is appropriate that this is Holy Week. After Easter, any cold crap the weather throws this town will totally be in vain.
Spring is back - and I'm happy.