What kind of discrimination are you comfortable with? You are comfortable with discrimination; I'm sure of it. The question is just what kind, and how much.

Discrimination takes places all the time in society. Not only existing on a personal level when judging others, discrimation is institutionalized - whether in gender-specific sports teams or height-restrictive occupations. We accept these kind of things because at some level they make sense: girls and boys are generally at different athletic levels, and astronauts have to fit in the shuttle. There is, however, a vast and grave amount of discrimination that occurs in our society that is noted even less than inconsistences between people of different genders, ages, or physiques. And this discrimination has not a shred of sense to it. We accept this discrimination not for any rational concept or practical situation, but simply because it is what we know - just as things were for people from the American South to South Africa. What is this discrimination?

It's discrimination based on how many worthless, meaningless numbers you have - in pocket and in bank account.