The Final Day of High School

Tomorrow shall be my last day of high school. As I've said before, I'm not sad that high school is ending, nor do I wish it had come sooner. I feel the denouement to my childhood I've entered has been entirely satisfying; I couldn't ask for more. This last day had to come some time - and I think tomorrow is the best day it could be.

Today the senior class participated in its "Senior Skip Day," which is actually a very organized school activity where we are all bused out to Ward Lake and do a variety of things - but mainly throw each other in the lake. After returning to Kayhi we had our graduation practice, in which we learned our little stepping method for entering and went over the order of events, including our oh-so-intricate simulteaneous standing up and sitting down between rows.

I have been quite fortunate to have ended up as one of my class' two salutatorians. Along with my counterpart and the valedictorian and senior class president, I will be one of four students giving a speech at the event. My status as a salutatorian doesn't matter all that much to me, but I am really glad to be speaking, and I'm going to have to finish writing my speech tonight in order for it to be "approved" tomorrow. I have half a mind to speak extemperaneously... but I'll definitely write things out, if only to make me think of the topics I'll address.

Tomorrow in school I suppose I will talk to the other speech givers to see what they're going over, but probably just as importantly I will be collecting some final signatures in my yearbook. Yearbook signing is actually a really good way for classes to end. It leaves a person thinking of others, and gathering sentiments for both instant gratification and future memories. My yearbook is actually quite full already, but I think there'll be room for the rest that I'd like, especially if I have teachers and maybe some students sign by their pictures instead of on blank pages (now very full of ink).

Regardless, I'm sure tomorrow will be amazing. It shall be an appropriate end, quite deserved... and then we'll all be waiting for diplomas on Sunday.