One Hundred Flowers

There really is something wrong with our media. It's increasingly divided, biased, stupid... at least in its so-called "mainstream." So what can we do to fix this?

I would never suggest that government regulation of speech is the solution here - not through ideas such as the "fairness doctrine" or anything like that. I value our freedom of speech and press very dearly, but what if there is something that government could do - not to regulate speech, but to regulate the businesses that process real speech - the businesses that give the American consumer their crappy little product and call it news.

You know what I'm talking about - NBC and FOX alike, CNN, all of them. All of them? What am I talking about? That is all of them.

My proposal is brief, and I hope it needs no further description than this (though all discussion is entirely welcome): The time has come again for trust-busting. The monopolization of the American media must be stopped, and it must be reversed. Independent cable channels, independent papers, blogs, and other websites - all these new forms of speech distribution, of news distribution, of information distribution - these opportunities are only hindered by the behemoths of corporate media. The time is now to crush them, and to let a hundred flowers blossom without them being owned by a small few planters; without being watched by conformist gardeners; and without Americans all being addicted to the same mind-clouding poppies.

Our voices are wildflowers, and the seeds of independent media are waiting to take root. All we must do is take out the weeds of monopolization.