A Year of Publishing

I can't believe I missed my blog's anniversary. Here it is anyways, PP: Happy birthday!

As of last Friday, the Publisher is now one year old. A year ago I was blogging about the end of my junior year, taking the SAT, the very beginnings of the presidential election, being fat... my how things change. In a year of blogging, here's what the Publisher has to show:

who knows how many comments from who knows how many visitors;
visitors from who knows how many different places, visiting for who knows how many different reasons;
153 posts, 2478 visits, 3987 page views,
countless moments writing, countless moments reading, countless records made, countless memories stored... one little blog.

Thanks, Publisher. In some places people give presents to others when its their birthday, but you give me a gift all the time - the gift of encouraging someone to express themselves.