Permanently Blocked By Conservapedia

As you may or may not know, I have been a visitor and contributor to the site Conservapedia for quite some time. In many ways, the site is an abominable example of all that is wrong with those who will do all they can to wrap themselves in so many lies that they can no longer differentiate their own pitiful reality from the truth. It is a wellspring of hatred and ignorance, and in many cases absolutely disgusting.

Now don't get me wrong - I am not talking about conservatives. There's no way I think they are "abominable" or living in a "pitiful reality" or wrapping themselves in lies or anything like that. None of what I said above is directed at the many people who are more cautious about changes in our society. Conservapedia, which claims to represent "conservatives," is in fact a conglomiration of radical and senseless individuals devoted to attacking all they see as "liberal" (which is far more than you could ever imagine), including Wikipedia, public schools, "socialism," Hollywood, everything relating to the Democratic party, evolution, atheism, everything that isn't Christian (or seen by them as Christian)... you name it. They also promote such wonderful things as young earth creationism - the idea that the earth is in fact only six thousand years old because the Bible says so. And then they collect "evidence" that supposedly proves such things - and they post it on this site that they call an encyclopedia!

Nonetheless, I have been a registered member of this site for quite some time, largely in the effort to better understand such lunacy. (It has been a very difficult task.) I've contributed to the site many times on entries having little to do with the site's agenda - from additions to Alaska and Ketchikan to grammar corrections on subjects I know little about. Despite all I've said about the site and it's leading denizens, there is still some occaisional good information to be found there - although Wikipedia of course will have many times as much information on any subject Conservapedia covers, and it covers a far larger range of subjects. The original, largely unbiased and vastly superior online encyclopedia has nearly three million English articles. Conservapedia barely has one percent of that number of entries.

Today, however, my account has been permanently blocked from Conservapedia. Here's what I'm shown when I try to edit a page:
The reason given is Trolling / Liberal Trolling.
Start of block: 20:42, 16 June 2009
Expiry of block: infinite
Intended blockee: Rockthecasbah
Why is this? Why was I blocked from a wiki of which I am a frequent visitor and genuine contributor?

Let's see:

A day or two ago, the following showed up in Conservapedia's "In the News" section.
Fox New's Catherine Herridge traveled to Bermuda to meet the four Chinese Muslim Uighurs released from Guantanamo Bay and she elicited from them that living in China is worse than life at Guantanamo. Talking to them through an interpreter, Herridge reported she "asked which was worse: Life at Gitmo versus China?" The interpreter relayed: "Of course it's China. There's no guarantee for human rights there." (Link)
Yes. Right. It's perfectly ok that these four men were abducted and held without reason for seven years in prison - because, of course, they would have been worse off in China. Here's what I said on the Talk for the Main Page:
The Stupidity of Spin: Gitmo for Men Ok Because China Was Worse
The U.S. has been accepting fewer immigrants for asylum for years now, so I would just love it if we did more to accept people from troubled areas like Xinjiang - one of the most oppressed regions in China (along with Tibet) - which is where I'm sure these four Uyghur men at Guantanamo must have lived.
But you know, I still just don't think the best way to do that is with extraordinary rendition and imprisonment without charge. Know what I mean?
Rockthecasbah 20:15, 16 June 2009 (EDT)
Of course, that isn't even the whole story. What I didn't know until doing my research and what probably no one on Conservapedia even knows (especially whoever put up the "news item") is this:
Before 2001, seventeen Uyghur Muslim men fled the Xinjiang autonomous region of China - likely because of the oppressive rule of their people there by the Chinese government. Unfortunately, they fled to Afghanistan, so when the U.S. invasion began they decided to move again - to Pakistan. They were detained in Pakistan and then the U.S. decided they should go to Guantanamo. Seventeen bearded Muslim men fleeing Afghanistan have got to be Taliban, right?

Even now, only four of the men have been released and are currently in the Bahamas. Thirteen are still imprisoned without charge and without reason. Radio Free Asia reports that most of the seventeen were determined more than four years ago to not have been "enemy combatants" - which is the bullshit term used to justify our unjustifiable incarcerations in the first place! My heart really goes out to these men, and although living under the Chinese was probably very oppressive compared to many other types of imprisonment, there's no way that fact should be used as some sort of reasoning proving that our illegal incarcerations of people like this is ok.

So - I have been blocked "infinitely" from a website to which I have made countless contributions because I had the audacity to sarcastically criticize a "news item" they posted which is so incredibly stupid as to never merit another thought from me or anyone else.

The absence of freedom elsewhere in the world does not justify our nation in violating our own principles of freedom and justice. It's as simple as that.