1 Day: Before the Jump

I have now spent an hour of my final full day in Ketchikan. I don't plan on spending much more of it writing this blogpost, but it goes without saying that this coming moment will be somewhat bittersweet.
Up until a few hours ago I hadn't really felt too sad or nervous about leaving, but now I am somewhat queasy over the thought of it. It's true that I really have never been apart from a family member for more than a week, and now I will be making a jump to being gone for nearly four months. I've also never been away from Ketchikan for much more than a month since my family moved here in 1994. Now that record will be nearly quadrupled.
At this point, I feel I could never really be completely ready for making this kind of leap - but I know I'm going to take it anyway. When I do jump, I'm just going to have to adjust as I go, and I'm sure I'll be able to.


  1. Hey! I am feeling the same way as I sit here in my dorm room ALONE, and feeling slightly...indignant that some people here are bawling their eyes out when their parents and siblings are a few short hours away by car, their grandparents live blocks away, and their ridiculously blond boyfriends are going to come and visit every weekend from nearby NEIGHBORING colleges and universities. But I'm not too upset, considering that I am 1700 (1500?) miles from my best friend, confidant, and guy that I love. Not to mention even FARTHER from my family. Not too upset at all.

    But! I am dry-eyed, and sitting here leaving a comment on the blog of the most wonderful person in the world.

    I'm sure that in a few weeks, this will all have become a routine, but until then, I'm grateful to be able to text, call, Skype, and write the most gorgeous, talented, intelligent, funny, kind person I know.

    Love you always,


  2. Such a new era when you can be in touch with a quick text, email, cell phone call or blog post and even see each other in the computer. The old days were so different as I set off to UPS with my typewriter and two suitcases. I flew home for Christmas but that was a short period of time after having already survived one year in Switzerland with one call home and lots of written letters that took a week to arrive and a week to return if the friend/family wrote immediately. Enjoy your modern keeping in touch with technologies, but remember to live in the moment at the new place to live the fullest and get to most out of the experience. Salut, Auntie M.


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