Saturday Scavenging, Sunday Sleep

This weekend, I was a competitor in The Big Hunt, a city-wide scavenger hunt for Georgetown freshmen. I was on a team of five named "Cool Team Awesome Cool" (and I had nothing to do with that). The five of us are all from the two living and learning communities in the Southwest Quad, so we had all been in the same two orientation groups and know each other pretty well.

When we started off at 9:30 in the morning, we initially split up, the captain and I running, jogging and walking to Dupont Circle (nearly two miles) while the other three went to the Kennedy Center. Each team was given a booklet like a program you'd get for a performance, and each page had different places to go to and different questions to answer or activities to do. So while the rest of the team answered questions at the Kennedy Center, the captain and I did a model walk around the fountain at Dupont (gaining us star stickers from the Hunt coordinators who watched us), sang the Georgetown fight song, and then went to a bookstore and a bar to answer random questions (although we didn't go in the bar but only found out how much wings were from the outside menu).

After that we took the metro to meet up with our teammates at Foggy Bottom station, where the five of us followed a stranger for a ways to creep them out in order to earn stars, and then we went to the Washington Monument, where one of our group proposed to a stranger for stars, to the amusement of the coordinators and us. We then made our way to the Lincoln Memorial, counting the columns not belonging to U.S. states in the WWII memorial on the way. (There are six.) At Lincoln we did many activities, from a race around the Reflecting Pool to wheelbarrowing in front of the memorial to counting the steps between it and the pool to finally trying to get ten strangers to join us in doing the macarena. (We failed that one.)

After that we went to the Korean War Memorial, a WWI monument, the Museum of Natural History, (I acted like a dinosaur), the Museum of the American Indian, the Air and Space Museum, (we did tug-of-war with strangers), the Capitol Visitors' Center, the Library of Congress, and then we took the metro from Capitol South to Rosslyn, running, jogging and walking from Rosslyn back to Georgetown, just in time to turn in our booklet. By that time it had been pouring rain for a while, probably the heaviest I've ever seen it rain here, so I went and took a shower and a few hours later all the teams got back together to find out who won.

Of 44 participating teams, 21 were given prizes, and we were 16th. After the teams that had beaten us all chose their prizes, our team chose gift certificates of $15 each for a bookstore, which I think was pretty good. Considering I spent less than $5 on the metro, I got to do a great scavenger hunt around the city, and I probably would have bought books as Christmas presents anyway, everything worked out pretty great.

Today was the first day in these last two weekends I got to sleep in - and sleep in I did. After waking, I ate, I read, I did a few other things, and now here I am finishing this blog post. Life goes on, and it is good.


  1. Sounds fantastic, sweetie! Glad you're having fun! I love you! ~Kristina

  2. I hope you wore your jacket in the rain, P.W.!! It sounds like you had a good time. "When you play, play hard, when you work, work hard, and when you do one, don't think about the other." That is a quote from my dear friend since our college days, Anne. Shouldn't you update your information from "preparing to attend" to "attending" G.U.? Just a suggestion. Love from Mum and the family


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