Next Semester's Preregistration and a School Update

Here's what I plan on taking next semester!
  • Advanced French II
  • Political and Social Thought
  • History of Asian Cultures II
  • History of Africa II, and
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
I would say that school is going really well, as I think it is, but I think I will wait for the jury to come back on two very important tests I took last week before I say that with unchecked exuberance. Last Wednesday I took my second Microeconomics midterm, which I believe most people in the class were dreading (myself included) but then come the test, the questions were far easier than I could have possibly expected. In fact, I finished 25 minutes early. Was it really that easy? Or did I fool myself somehow? We'll have to see.

The other important test I took was un examen français on Friday. It's the third one of the year, and considering how badly the first went I think it's pretty important I don't get anywhere near that grade again. The quiz covered a lot of vocabulary, as well as grammar regarding interrogation, the French forms of "what" and the future tense and conditional mood. Lastly it covered the five French republics as well as a map of France, where we were quizzed on its rivers, mountains and neighbors and had to draw in five provinces and ten cities. I did more than the required number on both, so I hope that gets me some sort of credit, whether real or sympathetic. I hope it turns out well.

Looking to the future, I have papers. This Tuesday my fourth Prosem paper is due, (and amazingly I have improved my grade on each of the previous three: B, B+ and then A), and then next week I have a paper due for both History of Asian Cultures (on a book I checked out on Buddhism in Thailand) and for International Relations (on the Prisoner's Dilemma, which I think I will analyze in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict). I have a lot of fun ahead of me.


  1. You continue to amaze me! I love you, and I think you are wonderful.

  2. Keep up the good work. How about an update?


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