Finding the Soviet Union: Fun on Wikipedia

It is said that one can go from any article on Wikipedia to the article on the Soviet Union in no more than six links. Right now, I have decided to test that theory.
I clicked "random article" on Wikipedia, leading me to John Joachim Zubly. (Forgive me for never having heard of this person before in my life.)
My new random article is R705 road. (Irish regional road - perhaps not so simple, eh?)
Well, I clearly am procrastinating, so I will leave it up to the reader to try this out for themselves, or perhaps find a more challenging Wikipedia game. Perhaps trying to get to a much more obscure topic would be better? See how few jumps you can take to get from chocolate to JRR Tolkien - I dare you!


  1. Haha, I used to do something similar. Two, or more, people would start on one topic and pick a topic to get to from there and race.


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