It's Over!

Well this is a first. I'm writing this post from my iPhone while sitting at my gate in National Airport, waiting for my flight to Seattle, followed closely enough by my flight home.

What is so urgent to blog about that I had to do it from my phone? Well, I just had to tell you... It's over!

As of now there is no more being at Georgetown, no more being in DC, no more classes, no more schoolwork - not, at least, until two weeks into the year 2010.

(It will, mark my words, be said twenty-ten).

Oh, and by the way... Merry Christmas!


  1. Peter!!!! You are coming home!! And it is over! (as you said). And the thing about "twenty ten" well, sorry I am going to call it two thousand ten... :) Love you!! Can't wait to see you bro! :) <3 miss you!


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