The Last Post of 2009

My Christmas break has certainly been busy. Christmas was great - assuredly the best I've ever had, and I hope they'll get better and better every year. No time has been my own, however, save some moments before going to sleep and during very rare other intervals. I wouldn't have it any other way though - I've loved spending every moment I can with my girlfriend while we are both together again, and I love spending all the time I can with my family too. I just wish I had more of it to give.

This last week aside, there are much bigger things to think about on the last day of December. 2009 is nearly over, as is the entire first decade of the 21st century. For the world and myself, this decade has ushered in an unquantifiable amount of change. Lives, relationships, attitudes, ideas, and possibilities have all developed and changed throughout the world, and I have grown and become the person I am today. Who could say I haven't changed drastically since I was eight? From the Buddhist perspective, the Peter Stanton of the year 2000 isn't even the same person as the Peter Stanton of today. To some extent, one has to agree.

The year 2009 alone has brought an incredible amount of change to my life. I found the woman I love; I became an adult; I graduated from high school; I became a college student. I've undergone so much change I can't even digest it all. If only I had the time to do so; all I seem to want is time. But as the passing of the year shows us - all time does is slip through our fingers.


  1. You ever heard the song "Beside You in Time" by Nine Inch Nails. If not, you should hear it.


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