An Apology

February 2010 is a month that will live in infamy. It is the first month (and hopefully will be the only) to have passed without a new post being added to this blog. It's not that I've been too busy to blog; it's just that life is about priorities, and writing blog posts has definitely slipped in my list of priorities recently (and throughout this blog's history). There was a time when my months had nearly as many blog posts as days! (Actually that was only May 2008 - this blog's first month - but still.)

My second semester of school is passing on as would be largely be expected. I think it's been a lot better than last semester, with more enjoyable classes (like History of Africa) and the absence of mind-numbing ones (like International Relations). (The other big class-content switch that's been made is from my proseminar to Political and Social Thought, but that change is a bit more neutral.)  I've made progress in having better college habits too, mostly as regards sleeping, (certainly the most important), but also perhaps a bit in organization and eating as well. All in all everything has just gotten a little bit better (and easier) - but a large part of the relaxation I've felt this semester has had nothing to do with better habits. It was caused by the SNOWPOCALYPSE (or SNOWMAGEDDON, whatever your preference). (In a nutshell, DC received all-time record snowfall early last month that had class cancelled for four days. I may do a full article on this later.)

Now is the time that this semester has really started to get going. This week is my spring break, but I have three papers due within the the first three days after class starts up again, and the way things look there's going to be one assignment or another to work on for every week until I leave. I'm sure I'll manage, but I hope the security I've felt in getting things done so far doesn't turn out to be a false sense. And I do feel sad about this massive downturn in blogging. I want to keep the Publisher alive! Readers - if any of you exist - I apologize. I will do better by this blog and I will be a more frequent writer.


  1. I read your blog, so keep it up.

  2. I read your blog once in awhile, so keep up the writing. But you really do have to make your class writing a priority. Yes, this is your mother speaking! Maybe some of the interesting stuff you write for classes could go on your blog. That could be "killing two birds with one stone," as the saying goes.


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