2000th Rated Song

Today is the first day of my first Easter Break at Georgetown University (and probably my first "Easter Break" ever, since KGBSD never gave us days off around this time). Today, I rated my 2000th song on my iTunes. I currently have 3330 songs, 1210 of which I've never even listened to (or at least haven't played on iTunes). For a while, I've made it a goal to decrease this number (which I have, by hundreds and hundreds) and also rate all these neglected songs (on iTunes' five star scale) so that I know which are good ones to go back and listen to more. Now, 2000 of my songs have ratings, and the 2000th to be rated was "Coleraine's Jig/Jackson's Jig" from Taheny & Reid's Celtic Christmas album.

This is not an important event in my life, and it's rather sad that I should write a post on this when so many much more important things have been neglected on my blog, but please understand my position: I have woefully under-posted here in the last several months, and this is just the kind of random, wacky and perhaps most especially, short kind of post that I can put up to boost my activity.

Also, if you really want to analyze me, this might even be a window into my mind when you consider that I almost love organizing my music more than the music itself.


  1. I think you need to start playing your violin again!! Maybe you can get in a lesson or two this summer when Sarah visits. Did you tell her she is welcome to stay with us? We are going to have a great summer filled with music (and I don't mean organizing it!) Love, your music-loving Mum


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