April's End

As I recently stated in a Facebook status update, I now have 275 minutes of class, 3 papers and 3 finals left. Yes, I do use Facebook; I'm sure a vast majority of American college students do. Anyone want to wager a guess at the rate? 90%? 95? It is an amazing tool of communication - allowing me and everyone else on Fb to easily keep in contact with people we know, whenever we want, in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

Facebook also, however, is an easy way to waste time. Despite the countless gifts it gives us, the internet in general is too. In discussing the use of computers in college lectures, the point has been made that daydreaming in class was not invented at the advent of the laptop. This is true, of course, and I have proved that from time to time while I've been in college as well as high school. Nevertheless, I have never used a computer during class; it just makes not paying attention so much easier.

So, speaking of classes, today I got back the result of my preregistration, which was actually a bit unexpected. I got into the French, CPS, and East European History classes I wanted, but instead of International Perspectives I got History of Ireland (my second choice in that slot), and then... I didn't get into an econ class? Rather confusing, but I'll sort it all out in due time.

I am writing these words in the last twenty minutes of April 2010. I can remember the first day of this month - I fooled my roommate a few times, though I don't recall what about. I've done some serious work in the past thirty days, too; perhaps I should post one of my papers here - though often college writings are hard to appreciate without the context of the books or articles they reference. The campus has taken on a lot of visitors this month, reminding me of when I was here a year ago. More importantly, though, my girlfriend is coming to DC for the first time in just nine days. Her visit will be amazing!

Up till then, I need to finish those three papers mentioned at the beginning of this post. I'm going to go back to writing one of them right now! Goodbye, April.