Classes for Fall 2010!

I realize I have continued to be a delinquent blogger. I know I've said this before too, but college just has to be a higher priority, and there's a lot of time that goes into college. That said, I am now looking down the homestretch of my freshman year. It's just a little unbelievable! The passage of time is such a crazy phenomenon. In terms of major grades, I now only have seven assignments and events remaining: two PST papers, an HA paper, a French oral exam, and finals for French, Econ and HAC. I've also pre-registered for my classes next semester. I'll know for sure whether I got everything I wanted in a week or two, but until then, here is what I signed up for:

  • International Perspectives on Global History
  • East European History I
  • Social History of the French People
  • Comparative Political Systems
  • International Trade
Let me know what you think!