Summer, the World Cup and Haida Gwaii

Aside from this sentence, I am going to totally ignore the fact that this blog has again been pretty abandoned of late. Instead, I am going to write in classic style: a three-part title with the subjects taken in opposite order.

Today I learned from Canadian news that the Queen Charlotte Islands are no more. They are now officially called Haida Gwaii, meaning The People's Islands in Haida. In brief, I believe this is amazing, admirable and absolutely appropriate.

Also today, France was basically knocked out of the World Cup in a 2-0 loss to Mexico. It was Cinco de Mayo deja vu. Now, despite how much of a francophile I may be or may be thought to be, I feel no loss from this result. Firstly, the French team is a mess; I've been disappointed in them since Euro 2008. Secondly, I like Mexico; I really enjoyed studying its history last year for AcDc and I hope to go there sometime soon. Lastly, just like on Cinco de Mayo, it's good to have a win for the underdog - the country invaded, and/or the country that's never won the world cup.

And lastly for this post, I have to say that, despite a few downs, my summer is going wonderfully and has had many many ups. As of yesterday I have a good job, and hopefully within a few weeks I will have a new computer. Most importantly, I am very happy spending time with my girlfriend and family. I have nothing to complain about - so I won't!