French Dining at Georgetown

I feel I haven't written much about Georgetown over the two and a half semesters I've been here. The school really is, in many ways, a home for me now, and though neither my family or the love of my life can be with me here longer than a few visits, I have to admit that this is where the majority of my life for the next three years will be spent.

With that being said, I have definitely learned how to enjoy life in DC, and especially here on campus. There is, after all, a Georgetown bubble, and I would probably admit to not exploring outside of it as much as I should. It's true though that I'm here first and foremost to learn, get a degree or two, and expand (or warp) my mind; it's what I'm paying for, after all. So in my daily travels walking about campus, whether it's to go to class, to do errands, or just to exercise while chatting on the phone with my girlfriend, I often take the time to look around and take joy in the beauty around me.

My computer has more than a few pictures on it, taken with my iPhone, containing subjects ranging from skylines and buildings to flowers and squirrels. I've also taken many pictures in my two rooms to date, documenting changing decor, furniture set-ups, or even sometimes how nice my bed looks when it's made. The Publisher already has my post from last April that contains just a few of my many springtime plant photos. I will assuredly take some this school year too.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, as much as I enjoy big events I go to, or my classes on important academic topics, I also am made very happy my the little things in life: weather, music, seeing my girlfriend on Skype, writing letters, calm, fresh air, walks - taking mundane photos.

Tonight, for example, I went to my local Students of Georgetown Inc.-owned snack store, Hoya Snaxa. Looking at the sandwich selection, the "Jambon Brie" caught my eye (very fancy for a sandwich in the US, you have to admit) and to top it off, I got a bag of French onion-flavored Sun Chips too.

 Profitez en!


  1. Carol Stanton19 November, 2010

    Glad to hear you make your bed once in a great while! Mostly glad to hear you take time to smell the roses.


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