Study Tactics and Decoration

My classes this semester have been surprisingly homogenous in structure, and one of the most obvious ways in which this is apparent is the fact that I have had, or will have, a single mid-term exam in every class. As of right now, I have taken three and have two to go.

I have done many more things this semester to study for tests that I didn't do before. For one, I now take notes on almost all of my readings, something that I only really began to do last spring, and that only because of History of Africa's high essay standards. I also have talked more about what I've learned: Before taking my one-essay-question-exam for Comparative Political Systems, I practically gave a speech to myself talking about what I was going to write in the essay. And I know this sounds funny - which it kind of is - but I also talked to my girlfriend several nights about various topics, from the Ottoman Empire to the viking invasion of Ireland, in order to put her to sleep.

Right now I am trying out a more visual technique that was suggested by my History of Ireland professor. As can be seen, I still have a ways to go, but it's only Friday today, so I have two more days before my mid-term. If doing the whole timeline doesn't wear me out too much, I may do the same thing for Europe: From the Fall of Rome to the Millenium, the mid-term for which is on Tuesday. The added bonus is that when I'm done with the mid-term, I can still keep the timeline on my wall for decoration! There's still tons of wall space available, despite all the things I've put up in the last week and since the beginning of the school year. I ended up getting the lion's share of the walls this year, since my roommate put his bed and desk next to the windows - a reversal from last year. Still, he still has plenty of empty space if he wants to use it, so I don't feel bad, and even though I plan on putting up as much as I can, I'm sure there will still be room left over when May comes along.

Now, I'm back to studying.